Monday, 17 September 2012

a dog story....

hi guys! I am new here.... I am a girl, teenage age, they say - and I love to play and have fun. well, that's why I am here actually, but more about that later.
 there are three people here (and one old dog...more about that later, too:). they can be fun, but sometimes they are a bit odd. they don't want to play all the time! but I do - and if they don't, well, I won't let them out of the door... simple as that. no attention, no space to move.                                                                         hm, that didn't work out so well - those humans! they just went out the back door! unbelievable! alright, you asked for it. let's see what I can do to get attention.                                                                         

there's a lot of stuff in this house to play with. I found two balls of this - it rolls around, makes loops and knots, you can throw it in the air - and when someone finds you doing it, you do get a lot of attention! ok, the first time I didn't do it right - I ran to the boy to show him what I found. he wasn't too pleased - and took it away from me. but the second time round I got clever - and started to fuzz it up a bit - under the table:) it took them a while to find it - but boy, did I get attention this time! ok, the woman was a bit miffed, she yelled  at me and told me off - and she didn't give me a chewing stick even though the other dog got one! maybe they don't like it, when I play with their stuff?
ok, if I am not allowed to play inside - I'll just go off and try the outside... now, where's the old lady gone to? she must be here somewhere; I can smell her!!

righto, there you are! let's play a bit then... come one, don't be lazy... give it your best shot!

she is a bit odd, that one - eventually she gets a bit cranky, so I better give in - truce! (you have to appease her and let her win, even though you could just bowl her over.... she's got a limp and gets tired early - the old ones are funny, eh?)
puh, what a day, I think I need a rest - maybe I ate a bit too much? never mind, give me five minutes.... I could shred a bit of cardboard later - or jump on the table again. yesterday I got told off again - there was some meat lying on the sink! it smelled so good that I took it down - which they didn't like! should have put it somewhere else then, ha! and you know what they did? they gave it to the old one - even though I caught it! yep, humans can be really mean:(

the woman said I should behave and look nice for a photo. what's that supposed to mean? I always look nice! alright, alright, here you go then.... that's me at my best. they call me shadow btw. but that's not my real name! because - well, I don't really live here. I just followed the woman, when she passed me on her bike. she was nice and played a bit with me, so I thought, hell, why not have a little day trip! I've been here a few days, but I don't know my way back now! and anyway, it's ok here - maybe I should stay?
so, this is "shadow's" story... if this dog belongs to you, please contact me soon. I am sure you must miss that lovely dog (ok, she's a bit like a ball wrecker sometimes, but really sweet, too:) a lot!


Delighted Hands said...

This is how I ended up with 7 cats....! Looks like he is there to stay! Very cute and will keep you all on your toes.

Nina said...

What a sweet puppy! You'd hope someone would be missing a good natured dog like that. I hope her owner finds her. Sometimes here, people just dump their unwanted pets in the country. It's so sad.

Woolly Bits said...

Cindy - yes, I know, the problem is to let them go again! I could never be a foster parent, not for kids and not for animals either, I hate when I have to let them go again! 7 "Shadows" on the other hand - and we would have to build a new house after a week:)

Nina - yes, she's a cutie - and luckily she wasn't dumped! even though I'll miss her for a day or two, it's better for her to go home again and we could see that she was happy!

Leigh said...

What a sweetheart! So glad she was able to go home. I know it must have been a relief for them that you had her.

Knitting dishcloths is an excellent idea. Even I could find a spare minute or two to do that!

Woolly Bits said...

Leigh - yes, she was a really nice dog, though most people are scared of big dogs over here. totally untrained of course, her favourite was jumping up into your back, when you least expected it:) but at that age they are so exuberant, that it was like watching a rocket going off:)
the dishcloths are my stand-by knits, when I have to go somewhere. one ball plus needles fits into any bag and you can use leftovers to try out patterns etc. and if there's really a mistake in one, who cares?:)