Tuesday, 12 June 2012

a few finished projects

at the moment I have to try and cram as much gardening time into each day as possible - lots to do and the weather often doesn't want to play:( it's not great to stand outside in rain or even just drizzle and pot and prick out etc... of course that means that time for textiles is cut short accordingly! I did finish a few things though.
this is the finished "Kringel" scarf. in real life the purple is darker, and right now the scarf is being blocked - but I think it should be finished by tomorrow. couldn't resist the see-through effect though:) this is the one I tried in silk yarn first, which was too slippery and didn't result in a nice "round" kringel. I love the colour way and would like to try to do something similar on fibres for spinning. it's purple, but with a bit of madder red and some green here and there. I did change the fringe of the pattern very slightly - more about that, when I'll show the finished scarf! 
I also received a nice surprise in the mail from a "fibre friend" in wales. a long piece of a handspun "coil" yarn, doubled up like a cord. the idea was to use it as a necklace (very long) or belt (don't wear any). but when I dug through my bead box I stumbled across the base for a bracelet. it's made from metal and somehow I couldn't get the idea of a "woven" piece out of my head. eventually I used fine cotton crochet yarn in green to crochet around the edges and the small middle bars. but I couldn't just weave the yarn through or the bracelet wouldn't have looked rounded, because the yarn would have drawn in between the two short bars. eventually I used two more yarns in pink and yellow plus the green and crocheted chain stitches as "short rows" between the outer bars. could have saved on the effort of using three colours, because the coils are so soft and chunky that the "warp" is nearly invisible:) I do like the result though, it's soft but strong enough to be worn a lot - actually I think this could be the base for another adapted wrist watch!  the bracelet base is open and bendable, so one size fits all.... I hope the spinner of the coil yarn likes what happened to her gift:)
this doesn't really belong into the "finished projects" section - it's only halfway done! those are four of the five bases for my fairy-tale yarns. I'd say they are self-explanatory, the green-brown one on the bobbin is meant for the dwarf, the rest are rose red, snow white and the prince. they'll look quite different once I have them all finished, right now they are just colour blotches on balls - not really very enticing:)

I am going off now to spin some grey marled yarn - which will end up as the second ply for the dwarf - to represent his long beard, which gets stuck in a piece of tree trunk in the tale.... decision time: will I trap some bits of silver fox fur in between the plies - or not?


Delighted Hands said...

Wow, some beautiful work going on! I love the bracelet-and the shawl! The new yarns are perfect-good work!

Leigh said...

I love the coil yarn bracelet! Brilliant!

Sprotte said...

Das Armband ist ein Traum! Und wo hast du das tolle Kringel-Muster gefunden?

Liebe Grüße von deiner

Woolly Bits said...

Cindy - thanks, I finished the dwarf yarn yesterday - I think the plied yarn looks much more interesting now!

Leigh - thanks, all down to the nice spinning of my friend:)

Sprotte - danke fuers lupinen bewachen, abmaehen wird schwer bestraft werden:) den "kringel" gibts hier:http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kringel---english
oder auch in deutsch von orla-verstrickt bei ravelry.

irisch-feuchte gruesse

Elke said...

Hallo Bettina!
Diese unregelmäßige Wolle ist soooo schön! Auch was du daraus gemacht hast, kann sich sehen lassen!
Viele Grüße nach Irland!

Judy said...

Hello Bettina,
I hope that you were able to be able to do the spinning that you wanted to!
Take care,