Sunday, 9 October 2011

my first socks ever!

no, I didn't just finish my first pair of handknit socks.... I stopped counting a long time ago - but I received a very nice surprise package last week! in it were the first handknitted socks I received! ever! most people probably think that as a knitter I can make them myself  - and of course I can (and do). but it is so much nicer to receive them ready to wear like this:
 very colourful - I could probably see my feet in the dark with them on:)) I would never wear a cardie, sweater or any other larger garment in those shades, but for socks I love bright colours! they are fun and I only wear woollen socks in my Birkies anyway, which are not exactly the most elegant outfit to have. and even though it's not terribly cold here yet, they are very snug and comfy to wear. and they fit:)) which doesn't come as a surprise as the knitter, my oldest niece, has the same shoe size I have!
Sandra also sent me a little notebook, handmade - covered in purple paper, because I "complained" in her blog that I would prefer one in purple - hint, hint:)) thanks Sandra, though it's much to nice to be used.......
in this weather, drizzle or rain, some wind, grey all the time - there has been no progress in the garden, but I cannot bring myself to weed or dig in the constant rain:(( good thing I am not prone to depression! this weather is really going on everbody's nerves by now! someone talked about a golden october some time back - unfortunately they didn't say where exactly we can find one!

on the other hand I've been working on several projects inside. I am still knitting the Snapdragon flip-top mittens from Ysolda Teague, in black alpaca - the first christmas present. and I had planned to work her Damson shawl next, most likely with the pink/black silk/alpaca yarn I made recently. it has a pretty shape, but not too much pattern, so that the two-coloured yarn won't take away anything from a more complicated project. a while back I bought both of her "whimsical knits" e-books and I am quite happy with many of the designs; they are pretty without being fussy - but not too simple either.
but - unfortunately I got waylaid by something else... I stumbled across my "spring" handspun, a soft blend of merino, silk and soysilk, naturally dyed last summer. it literally fell down in front of me, when I was looking for something else - so I couldn't just ignore it:)) I am not really all that keen on knitting patterns that have been going through pretty much every blog - but I decided to give a "hitchhiker" my own spin. the yarn is quite chunky, so I decided to make larger steps on one side, a kind of giant sawtooth edge, while the other one is smooth (in fact I made it even smoother by knitting an attached i-cord:)).... my scarf is shorter, and more crescent shaped - unfortunately I couldn't take a photo, because the weather was wet all day today and yesterday - and the light was dysmal inside:(( I'll take one as soon as we have a few dry hours (or minutes?)

and there are my little embroidered houses - I have to do just one more to fill a hole on one side. I did the school and nearly finished the toy store, all I need now in my little town is a fashion shop:)) and a few bits and pieces in between - bikes, dogs, statues etc... I'll take a photo once all the main houses are done - and might just start the Christmas SAL in between, urghs... I know, I shouldn't, but just now this is very tempting - probably because of the ugly weather! or maybe because I heard a radio program today, lyric fm, the irish station for classics and jazz. I didn't believe my ears when all of a sudden this afternoon I heard a swing rendition of "oh tannenbaum". honestly! not quite what I expected in mid-october, but hey - we're just 10 weeks away!!


Delighted Hands said...

Love the socks! I agree- about receiving hand knit for gifts-other knitters appreciate all the work that goes into them! The notebook cover is very classy!

Nina said...

Love, love, love those socks! I totally understand how lovely it would be to find a pair of socks in your mail. When yarn falls in front of you, it's meant to be.. you have to use it. It's a fun little bit of serendipity when something like that happens.
We've been having lovely, sunny and warm weather here. We've never before eaten Thanksgiving dinner outside but this year, it was too warm not to do so! I'm sorry to hear about your soggy weather..

Sandra said...

stehen dir wunderbar, die socken :)
du kannst das heft ruhig benutzen. ich kann ja neue machen. hehe

Ash said...

So wet over here too, even had to go buy some wellies. I've never actually knitted socks so envy your productivity and your gift - maybe welly socks are now called for!! Have manged to avoid the christmas tunes so far, thankfully!! More involved with kids birthdays that happen before christmas, so much better!! :)

Leigh said...

They're beautiful! What a treat. I love handknit socks, they feel so much nicer on the feet than any other.

Judy said...

What a precious gift!! I like the bright colors, and I bet the socks make you smile, every time you see them on your feet :-)

Sandra said...

anyway, the socks make ME smile, when i see them on her feet :)
and i'm very proud you all like them. thank you.