Thursday, 26 August 2010

late colours

we had visitors and I am way behind with uploading colour pictures. instead of rushing around trying to snap whatever is missing - I just drop those that are missing - and continue with the one for this week (at least I think silver is the one!).
silver - isn't available in my garden and neither is it in my stash as a textile. ok, maybe one piece of grey, shimmery silk would match "silver", but when I looked around in my wool room, I realized that many of my tools show this particular colour - or at least parts of them do. on the left you see the hook of my ball winder, my fabric scissors, the spout of my sprinkler (used for wetting felt - or, horror - my ironing:)) and a metal container for cigars. no, I don't smoke. and I find the smoke from cigars even more revolting than the one from cigarettes. but the container (found in the recycling center) holds my felting needles, very useful it is!

these gadgets are just as essential to me - the clamps to fix my drumcarder (and the crank is visible in the uppermost part). the pins I use for making bobbin lace - and probably the most important gadget to me: the leader wire of my lendrum upright - in constant use, not to be missed! 

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Delighted Hands said...

Great metal shots....the pins really make a great shot!