Saturday, 21 November 2009

stitch markers

the weather has been pretty dreadful again today! it's been raining heavily and I am waiting for more news of flooding in ireland and the uk. it's been so dark inside that we've had the lights on for most of the day! so I took the opportunity and started a project I've wanted to do for some time. I bought Cat Bordhi's sockbook some time ago and read about stitch markers with letters on them. I couldn't find them anywhere close, so I decided to make my own. I found beads with letters on them at everglaze, where I was able to order single ones. I figured that A - Z would only be necessary for an extremely ambitious project, but I bought A - G beads for Bordhi's sock patterns. browsing around I found some more beads I liked, and I did stock up a bit more, when I went to germany (it's much nicer to choose directly instead of via mail order!). I had to stop myself eventually, but I am going to make a few more of them in different designs. I'd like to make some sets to give away, but I figured I'd better make some for myself first. not, because I am in desperate need just now - but I wouldn't mind the minor mistakes that I was bound to make with the first set!
this is my first set:
they aren't black in real life, the beads are purple, but that doesn't matter. what does matter however is that I turned C and D the wrong way round, so that they face into a different direction from the rest:(( something I have to avoid in the future (don't have any beads with letters left right now though:)) I won't wind the wire around the upper loop again either - I'll just bend it into an "o" to put over the split ring. and never put to much pressure on the split ring - or you'll end up with an oval (I rectified this mistake before taking the pic!) I am ok with the outcome - not sensationally beautiful, but practical - and there's always room for improvement with the next lot. I think they would look nicer with the larger beads at the bottom and the smaller ones on top - which would make sense with the weight distribution as well.
tomorrow I'll start dyeing the handspun wool - and once this has dried I can do the knit-felt sample for the bag I've planned. high time too - christmas is coming ever closer!


Delighted Hands said...

Oh, these are beautiful!!! I have admired them but not made any but these just might push me to do so. We have had news stories of the flooding-sorry it has been so miserable. Have fun with the wool dyeing.

Kristin said...

Die Marker sind toll geworden. Wenn Du magst, kannst Du noch jede Menge Buchstaben-Perlen von mir bekommen. Ich habe diese kleinen Weißen, die Du schon verwendet hast und etwas größere aus Holz. Ich schicke Dir gerne was davon, wenn Du es brauchen kannst.
Ich habe auch von den schweren Regenfällen bei Euch gehört und mich schon gefragt, wie es jetzt wohl bei Dir aussieht.
Ganz liebe Grüße

Leigh said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all your rain. Flooding can be scary and we've had our share in certain parts here too.

I've seen the beaded stitch markers before but never with the letter beads. Very clever!