Thursday, 5 March 2009

zoo and other animals

shortly after DS's birthday we went for a daytrip to dublin again - visiting the zoo among other things. the weather wasn't exactly splendid, either grey and drizzly or just grey... but we did find a very trusting peacock, who was begging for biscuit crumbs (or better, whole biscuits!), which gave me the opportunity to get a close-up of his magnificent tail.
what a difference between the black and white body plumage and the fantastic colours of the "eyes"...
and I also found nice hints about what not to do - though no hungry inhabitants could be seen in this particular area:

I wouldn't want to be responsible for that:)

this fellow might be able to do serious damage to humans falling into his territory - but every time I visit the zoo (ok, only once a year, not all that often!) he lies around beside the "pool" and barely moves at all! he does have a gigantic head - and reminds me of a certain bavarian politician from some time ago! does that fall under the heading "bigheaded"?

something entirely different now:

yesterday I found two nice new links - the first one is a blog from a spinner/weaver, who lives on one of the Aran Islands - have a look, great pix of the island (among other things - she also weaves the famous belts called criosa)

the other one is a colleague of mine from the Connacht Textile Crafters. Clare is a felter, she offers courses and also finished projects for sale on her new homepage:


KayB said...

Thanks for the links! :-)

Helen said...

I really enjoyed the visit to the zoo and loved the notice!
Thanks for the links too.
bw Helen

Dorothy said...

It's a long time since I last saw a peacock, thanks for the photo of his beautiful tail.

Juliana said...

Hallo Bettina,
oh, Pfauen mag ich. Als ich in England war, gab es im Nachbarort etliche Pfauen. Dieser Tage hatten wir hier einen Fasan mit schöner langer Schwanzfeder, die ich gerne gerupft hätte. Morgens meinte er, dass er jetzt wecken muss wie ein Gockel. Dann hab ich ihm mal geantwortet. Seither ist Ruhe. Gruß Juliana

Woolly Bits said...

wir haben leider auch haufenweise fasane, die rumkrakeelen - aber leider hab ich noch nie eine der schwanzfedern gefunden, keine ahnung, was sie damit machen:)) pfauen haben wir hier allerdings nicht - und das ist auch gut so, weil die stimmen naemlich laengst nicht so schoen sind wie die federn:)) der im zoo war ein bettler und wollte kekse abhaben....