Friday, 11 July 2008

first part finished

I just couldn't stop - I had to finish the first third of the "dark mark" pattern! it knits up quickly - and looks spooky enough for DS to be delighted:)) kids at that age (10) have a liking for anything gross or ugly! well, I don't find the pattern ugly - though I don't usually wear green in that tone. but for a true HP fan it's a must - or maybe I should re-design and knit another one - in gryffindor colours and with a hidden prancing lion?:)) anyway, the middle part will be less interesting - and I have to ask first if the intended owner would like more green and black stripes - or only black ones... and what about the fringe. with fringe, or without it - or only black?? I'll better wait - he has rather definite ideas about what it should look like - or not!

I also have to browse (what hardship:)) a bit more on wollpoldi's homepage - the desired sock wool has arrived - and I want to stock up the order to fill the postage properly! it's not easy to decide - if no project is planned yet!

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