Monday, 16 June 2008

Dye session results

After I finished the last dyebath with Gaywool colours for the OLG workshop I wanted to take a picture of the blues I achieved. I like the colour blue and even though some of the fibres (Ingeo in particular, but also the banana silk) didn't take the dye all that well, I like all of them. I'll probably mix them into other yarns eventually - but then I just got that silly itch to put up all the dyed bits and pieces on the table - the result is the mess above:) ok, there should be some greens and some yellows - but I'll keep that for another time! not all of them are strictly veggie - the soy silk is, but a protein fibre at the same time. and the blue and purple skeins on the left are silk and a silk/wool core yarn (the white one from my first trial run), which I dyed to use up the leftover dyes in the pot. I think I am going to knit a scribble lace scarf first out of those - don't know about the rest yet. plenty of work, that's for sure! but on a grey day like today a bit of colour can't do any harm!

and those are all the blues together. it's obvious that the soy silk in the middle takes up the all-in-one gaywool dye best. after all it's made for protein fibres! but the same dye bath gave nice colours on kapok, banana, viscose, linen, ingeo (the light blue), ramie, tencel, bamboo and cotton too (all from top left clockwise). I still have a large ball of soy dyed with cochenille in a rosewood colour - I am thinking of spinning a marbled yarn out of this and the blue above! I could of course card it together, but the fibres are fine and I don't want to make a big mess out of it. or maybe I'll spin two separate yarns and ply them together? don't know - spoilt for choice, as usual:))
anyway, I have to hurry up a bit with things, presents to make and little time left! what's new?


Anonymous said...

Hallo Bettina,
das sind ja interessante Farben. Sind die Gaywool-Farben dann auch für pflanzliche Fasern?
Viele Grüße

Helen said...

Hi Bettina I love the blues and and I think it has been a most fascinating workshop. It will be really interesting to see what you spin and knit form all this lot.
Bw Helen

Leigh said...

Absolutely yummy colors! You did very well with this challenge.