Tuesday, 27 November 2007

"creative spinning" book

I had meant to put this up earlier - not enough time, the usual problem.... I received the ordered book about spinning a while ago, the 2nd book in the series by Gaia Craft Books. it's been written by two of my OLG colleagues, Jane Deane and Alison Daykin - and I heard about the efforts involved in getting this printed during my wpsg (steering group of the OLG) time and was quite keen to get my hands on it.

the book shows the basic "how-to-spin" instructions with drawings in the first part. everything is there, but I wouldn't have bought it just for this, as I have quite a few books about handspinning already. what makes this book stand out (at least IMHO) is the second part - with stunning photographs of the fibres used, the yarns spun and a small sample showing the yarn knitted up. and a photo of the inspiration for the yarn (or maybe vice versa, the yarn was there first? the old question about the hen and the egg?:)). each yarn is described in a short "recipe", fibres used and amounts given - and then a brief description how it is spun and plied. I am sure I don't have all books about handspinning - but it is the first I have laid my hands on that really made me want to dash to the stash, dig out some fibres and sit at the wheel to start spinning some of them up! all kinds are shown, shortwools, longwools, rare breeds, silks and man-made fibres - in scrumptious colourways, some even with beads. I wonder why knitters still bother to buy commercial yarns for extortionate prices - surely it must be far more satisfying to make your own for a fraction of the price? the one downside is that I have no time to start experimenting yet - I have to finish all the xmas stuff beforehand! but as soon as that is done I'll start fiddling about - there are several rather tempting ideas that I'd like to follow up! (if you want to order it, contact Jane - jane@janedeane.co.uk - or Alison via her blog - www.willingtonweaver.blogspot.com )


Helen said...

Hi Bettina that is really a lovely review. I have been wondering whether to get it as a Christmas present for Anne who should have been tutoring at summer school with but could not as her husabnd had a stroke. She sia very expert spinner but it sounds as if she might be inspired by it. Thanks helen

Dorothy said...

I've got this book too, and I do think you describe it well. It had the same effect on me, of wanting to grab some fibre and get spinning. I don't tend to go for books organised around pretty pictures, but this book is so well written that I think it's a really helpful guide to spinning - and I do like the photos as well.

Bettina said...

I don't do book reviews as favours - I hate it when I read one and later (after buying the book because of it) have to find out that the the review wasn't honest! of course it's always a taste thing too and I wouldn't drag a book down totally (rather I'd not review it on my blog in the first place:)) - but I really like this book. might not be for total beginners, as you'd need some experience of how to spin the basics before you go into "special effects", but I think it would be a lovely present to someone who already spins, Helen!