Thursday, 5 July 2007

half a promise....

...fulfilled! well, nearly - I did finish the pattern part of the hp sweater front..... only a few more simple rows of dark blue for neck and shoulders and it's ready - to start the embroidery that is. we can't have Dumbledore without face and glasses now, can we? I better get on with the spinning for the shaggy dog - luckily I won't need much, should be done pretty quickly. I pulled in all the threads immediately, just to get that job over with! oh, of course - a few stars are to be added too - and some sparkle for the "put-outer":)

good news on the camera front too - today we received the parcel with the replacement! deja-vu or what? putting in the new settings and off we went - it works, but then we better wait a few days to see if it still does so in a week's time...

outside the weather is still dreadful - I managed to pick most of the delphinium flowers yesterday - in a dry spell of about 5 minutes. half of them were glibbery - I hope this doesn't influence the colour as I plan to put in yarn made from a mixture of half silk and half wool - in the hope that the silk takes up to blue and the wool to mint green as in the sample before!
the good thing about the yucky weather is that I can keep on working with textiles inside - I just started the socks "nordic lights" from the winter 06 issue of spindlicity - I have handspun teeswater ready - just love the pattern! and I did some samples for the "seascape bag" for the connaught spinners.... the crochet for the basic shape is probably done quickly - the bits and pieces around might take a bit longer!

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