Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Every crafter's dream?

I need more hours in the day - or maybe another pair (or two?) of hands... or maybe it's possible to knit with the feet and spin with the hands? even better would be the ability to split into different people! I could go into the garden and work - and my alter ego would hop around doing the housework or something textile...

yep, spring is here and so is the feeling that there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things I'd like to do. if I go outside I do enjoy the sunshine (yes, we have had sunshine for a whole week now - an irish miracle!) and even the digging and weeding - but at the same time I have this nagging feeling that I still did not finish my friend's beloved "guinea-pig in cross stitch", the baby sweater, my son's socks etc.; if I sit inside and do the textiles - I have a deep black conscience that I should really be out there.... and then there is the blog - why on earth did I start one just now?

luckily no birthdays are looming just now - at least none that require something handmade, writing a birthday card or email is just about possible! but of course the ideas still keep coming, after all my pima cotton sweater is close to finishing... and the ramie is nearly spun, so I think I might do something unheard of - start a second project for myself right after (or even before?:) finishing the first one in at least 8 or 9 years... my inner eye (reserved just for textile ideas) sees this top, where some sort of "ribbing" in a v-shape, knitted with a lace pattern, will replace the shoulder straps.... on the irish s'n'b list was a poll today - how many projects are in work and "why". I ended up in the middle with 3-5 - but nobody asked for UFO's in crochet, lace, patchwork etc.:) there was no place to tick the right number for me there.... because the poll ended with "7"!

and I can finally show the picture of the finished smaller version of the "great american aran afghan" that I worked from 4ply cabled teeswater, handspun of course, for my MIL's birthday. not something I'd like to repeat any time soon, I should have spun a thicker yarn and just do a 2-ply, the spinning took ages and was boring because it was all white. the knitting was fun, but the lap afghan is fairly heavy now with about 1.6 kg! we had a good laugh when we imagined it full-size with 20 squares.... lying on the sofa for a nap would require some sort of crane to get the afghan off again! and maybe the sleeper would have nightmares - something large and heavy kept pinning me down:)) so next time (yes, I do intend to make a full-sized one for myself in about a decade - after son and dogs have moved to whatever place else....) I'll use some shorter fibre, spin it woollen, not worsted - and hope for the best.

by the way - thank you for your nice comments, I'd answer them if I were able to figure out how to do it via the blog!


Anonymous said...

Hallo Bettina,
bist du nun auch unter die Blogger gegangen? Hast du die Decke selber gemacht? Gruß Juliana

Janet said...

good work on the blog Bettina. We have nice sunshine here in Dublin also - the garden is calling - and so is the knitting.