Friday, 15 March 2013

quite a few new books

way back I promised to show you a few new books that found their way onto my shelves (haha, or not, most of them are still in boxes or on heaps, because the shelves are bursting:). but somehow I got distracted by other stuff. but today's the day - or rather one of several, because I am a book nerd and can't help myself when it comes to textile craft books (or cooking ones, another one of my sins....). so here it goes - followed by a new one every or at least every second day (don't nail me on that one though:):
the first one is by a very well known knitter, Deborah Newton:
at first I hesitated, because I already have two "bibles" and tons of other knitting books. I was sure that everything I need is covered already. but I found that it is very handy to have a specialized book just for finishing! once you've done all the knitting, you (or at least I:) want to finish quickly. I tended to not bother to look up other possibilites and used the same techniques I've used for years. there's nothing wrong with that, but sometimes the finish would have looked nicer and more professional if I had used a different technique! and while reading the book (or rather parts of it - so far) I found many ideas and tips I never even thought about! yep, there's a reason why she's famous in knitting circles and I am not:) ok, she's also a great fan of sampling, something I often tend to skip, esp. if I work on projects for myself. but she doesn't just work a 10 x 10 cm square! she makes larger samples and tests other project ideas around the edges of the sample, such as collars, pockets, edgings etc. brilliant idea - I should really try this out myself!
the book is a hardback, quite big, with large, very clear photographs - you can check out a preview on amazon or look at the patterns included here. it contains everything from simple seaming or blocking down to edgings, putting in zippers, buttons etc., but also special finishing such as felting, lining, steeking - and even using old knitting for something new. in contrast to this book by the same author
it also contains patterns for the project in this book. I also have this book by Newton, which is very good (well used by now:) - but the downside here is that the patterns are not included for most of the projects on show! which means that one day I'll have to make up my own for the gorgeous picture sweater with a silver moon and cherry blossoms:)


Delighted Hands said...

These will keep you busy until you can get in your garden!

Jen said...

Thank you for taking the time to document your review of these books. I often will look on-line at them and wonder...'should I?' , so running into your blog has helped me !