Monday, 17 September 2012

quick update

three entries in one day - must be a first! I just wanted to let you know that Shadow isn't here anymore. we found her owners - and her name is Muggy, if I got that right. no, I don't like that name - but the dog was clearly happy to be reunited with her owner:) and vice versa! we found out, that she isn't a Husky mix after all - but an Alaskan Malamute mix! she was only here for 3 days - but I do already miss her. ok, not the chewing on furniture/wool/toes - but her affectionate personality made up for all her mischief. on the other hand I can see that our old dog is relieved - she immediately ran to her favourite place and plonked herself down with a big sigh - and went to sleep. the only problem now might be that she lives right on our way into town and will probably run wild every now and then. but at least we'll know now where she belongs and can ring to have them pick her up if she does follow us again!
we'll see how long it takes for another one to make a trip to our animal holiday home here:)


Delighted Hands said...

Well, I am glad for her owners but sorry for you. Nice to know that you will enjoy a younger dog sometime in the future. BTW, I love the spider web in your blog banner!

Sandra said...

oh, habe mich chronologisch durch deine posts gelesen. hm, also doch kein neueralter hund. :(

Nina said...

Well, it's good she has found her way home, even if it is a bit sad for you. But there are advantages to having a dog only visit once in a while than having full ownership.

Elke Schwarzer said...

So hat doch alles zwei Seiten..
Man gewöhnt sich ja so schnell an ein Tier und ist dann doch traurig, auch wenn es seine Besitzer wiedergefunden hat.