Monday, 12 September 2011

everything is half way....

I am in one of those stages, where everything is halfway finished - or unfinished, depending on view! no finished projects to show, just bits and pieces. I am working on the spinning bag, half way up. I am also knitting on my green/yellow cuddly blanket - halfway done. my embroidery is - you guessed it, halfway done. even in the garden - the beds are only half done:(( we've had a lot of showers last week and over the weekend and the ground is muggy, too muggy to work on properly. I am still working my way through some pickings, the plums I should finish today - but with the crab/cider apples we didn't even start yet! never mind, we've had so much wind during last night and today - that maybe everything came down by itself, we'll see.
anyway, I did take a few pix of halfway jobs:
this is the first part of bunting I need to put letters on. this one is the O, the other one (which I didn't even start:(() will show an R. eventually all pieces together will form the word "Connacht Textile Crafters" - we'll put the full bunting up at shows, meetings etc.; our group project for this year. I better hurry though, 24th of september is the meeting date - by which time both pieces should be finished..... all the blue lines in the center have to be embroidered, though I managed the middle last night. the R will suffer from serious neglect or rather a very diminished design, I fear!
I am further than halfway through my dye sessions - but I still have to use up the logwood, so there's another halfway project: I tried to take pix all day, but only managed to catch the right colours at night, with a flash in the dark - go figure... as a fan of purples this is just up my alley and I am seriously put out that I have to give most of this away! I'll keep the silk/wool on the right and the shiny looking mohair in the middle though, the fibres were mine. the shiny blob on the left will be a problem - ramie, lovely colour, but unfortunately a lot of logwood bits are stuck in the top:(( I only strained the batch for the rest of the fibres - idiotic, I know! 
these are some of our plums, halfway eaten as cake - the rest will go into the freezer:)) 
same for tomatoes - I picked quite a lot yesterday - and they taste really nice. I hope the rest of the lot will ripen, before the weather goes cold. we are not great fans of green tomato relish here! 
tada - and this is the one thing, where halfway doesn't apply - we finished the fruit salad all in one session, no leftovers - that must fall under magic vanishing of edibles? a bit of everything, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, etc... - a yummeeeh vitamin bomb:))


Delighted Hands said...

Very pretty embroidery-the halfway list would irritate me and I would start ticking those projects off one by one! The fruit salad looks wonderful-I would love to stop in and eat some with you!

Nina said...

That embroidered "O" is pretty awesome. What a fabulous finished project that will be. Yummy, yummy fruit. Fruit salad is a favourite here as well.

Sprotte said...

Hi Bettina,

bleib tapfer - im Herbst passiert immer alles auf einmal. Und irgendwann entwirrt sich alles und man wird doch fertig. Und was dann noch nicht fertig ist, hat es nicht verdient, fertig zu werden. Basta.

Dein "O" ist ein Traum! Hast du das Stickmuster selbst entwickelt (tiefe Verbeugung) oder gibts das irgendwo zu kaufen(haben will!)???

Liebe Grüße, Britta

Woolly Bits said...

Cindy - I know and I am trying to finish everything bit by bit, but I need at least two projects (the embroidery is a no-go in front of the tv:)) - and I cannot look the toms etc. any riper:)) sometimes only patience helps...

Nina - I love fruit of all kinds, but DS only eats it cut up and prepared - so I have to cheat, but fruit salad is better than nothing!

Britta - danke fuer die aufmunterung, aber wie ueblich bin ich auch gern mal selbst schuld an meinem zeitdruck:)) das O muss fertig werden, und noch ein R hinterher... das muster ist uebrigens aus einem buch ueber keltische muster - also gemopst:)) und dann etwas abgeaendert, weil im original noch keltische "tiere" im rand zwischen den beiden ovalen war. das war mir zu kompliziert, deswegen die kleinen seiteneinsaetze - die im original oben und unten dran waren. also musst du deine verbeugung gerechterweise wohl vor einem keltischen kuenstler aus grauer vorzeit machen:))

Leigh said...

Oh gosh, that fruit salad looks fantastically delicious. I have to say, that my life is full of halfways. Unfortunately most of them remain that way for years.

Anonymous said...

Those tomatoes look good. I bought one tomato plant this year and it has flourished. Most of the flowers I bought have not done so well. And the seeds I planted never germinated. All is covered in dust now from all the building of our new deck and back stairs. No rain here for weeks. Janet