Tuesday, 2 June 2009

summer is here!

we haven't had temperatures like this for quite some time - our last summer lasted 2 weeks and wasn't particularly warm even then. but since last thursday we've had temperatures between 24 and 27 deg. C - in the shade! way too hot for me (I think I was a chocolate bar in a former life:(() - so I am trying to hide in the house or at least in the shade during the day... knitting and spinning are only possible in the evening, because everything sticks - and housework takes place before 11 in the morning - or not at all if possible!

but at least I can do bobbin lace... and this is a good thing, because even though the pillow sat right behind me, I didn't manage to do all that much in the last few weeks. this shows my progress - and most of it happened in two days! a lot still to do and my time window is shrinking quickly!!
in the meantime my pre-ordered fan base arrived as well! it's made from pear and I like the colour a lot - a warm brown tone. I was surprised at the smoothness of the timber - and also at the amount of sticks in between the edge pieces! when I have finished the lace the finished fan part is glued to the base. I hope it'll turn out well - I might make another one for myself, because I like the way it looks. or maybe I'll go for a miniature fan first, because our topic for the group project from the Connacht Textile Crafters is "miniatures" as well.
I am going down for a glass of iced tea now - and hope for a slightly less hot weekend (probably all the people in warm climates are laughing their heads off about me just now:))....


Juliana said...

Hallo Bettina,
oh, dein Fächer macht Fortschritte ... gefällt mir gut.
So etwas hätte ich am WE brauchen können. Da hab ich mir auf einer Veranstaltung, wo ich für jemanden den Stand hüten sollte, einen kräftigen Sonnenbrand geholt. An Sonnenschutz dachte ich leider nicht. Es war sowieso alles kurzfristig gewesen. Jetzt darf ich vorerst mal das Haus hüten. Gruß

Helen said...

Lovely lace-and although I like hot weather we were trying to decorate and I got hot sticky and irritable!

Beth Grim said...

I'm not laughing at you! We've been having unusually hot weather here in Oregon, too. I get so grouchy and don't want to go outside. The veggie starts in the garden are wilting. When we finally have a cooler, cloudy or even rainy day, I'm so happy!

Woolly Bits said...

good to know that I am not the only one suffering:)) though by now the worst seems to be over, it's cloudy and far cooler and I am able to go outside again during the day:) it seems to me that the plants are all waiting for rain - I am sure I could watch them grow when it does - there'll be a burst of growth after all this "heat"!

ich war gestern gute 2 stunden (mit pausen) auf dem rad unterwegs, erst waehlen, dann ek etc. - danach fuehlte sich mein gesicht trotz sonnencreme an, als waere ich radioaktiv:)) aber sonnenbrand hab ich zum glueck dann doch nicht nochmal bekommen, der eine war wohl genug fuers erste. beim fahrtwind merkt man es ja garnicht so sehr, das dicke ende (rote ende?:)) kommt dann erst, wenn man wieder absteigt!

Frau Vau said...

wow. klöppeln auch noch. ich bin platt!
und neidisch.
ist ja ein traum, wenn man sowas kann!!! ist das schwer zu lernen?
sieht sehr kompliziert aus, was du da machst... und seeeeehr schön!