Sunday, 7 June 2009

Aeolian shawl

when I finished my grey coat I still had some leftovers on the cones of commercial yarns - mainly some fine wool and some of the white cashmere. so I grabbed the cones together with some very fine schappe silk and plied them together until I ran out of cashmere. I had planned to knit the Laminaria shawl from knitty, but when I saw the new estonian lace pattern "Aeolian shawl" - I just fell for it and started to knit. the first part is very regular and an easy tv knit - but slowly the number of stitches increases - and yesterday I changed over to the "agave pattern", which needs a bit more care (but still knittable in front of the tv:)) because of different stitches and esp. the nupps. this picture shows half of the shawl - already too many stitches to pull out the full project on a 120 cm long addi lace needle (I love the sharp tips - they make knitting the 9 stitches of the nupps together so easy! makes up for the slightly metallic scent....)
the yarn knits up nicely - but I think I might increase the size slightly - which can be done quite easily as pattern sequences can be added at certain stages. I was thinking about painting the shawl after I finish the knitting - but I'll wait and see how it all turns out!
at least the weather is more like "irish summer" again and it's quite nice to sit outside for a while with my knitting - without melting in the sun:)


Leigh said...

I'm amazed that you could consider any lace knitting to be tv knitting! I would botch it up royally for sure.

I can see why you like that Aeolian shawl. Very attractive.

Helen said...

Lke Leigh I am open mouthed that you consider this sort of knitting TV knitting!

It is so lovely and delicate it should, l think feel, really soft

Woolly Bits said...

it's not really so difficult, as long as the pattern is as regular as this! you'd see immediately, when the stitches "don't fit", when you're wrong! if you can knit fair-isle, Leigh, you can knit lace as well:)) and yes, it's quite soft, but I think I'll knit another one in a different yarn later, maybe in a nice handspun BFL? or shetland - something not quite so fine!

thread bear said...

That's a gorgeous shawl! As someone who crochets in her sleep, but can barely tell one end of a knitting needle from another, I'm super-impressed.

Anonymous said...

ui ich seh schon, Deiner wird auch ganz schön groß.
ein tolles Muster.
Liebe Grüße
Karin/ blaushorty