Thursday, 30 April 2009

Show your colours! (Farbe bekennen...)

I don't usually take part in group projects via my blog - but I like colours and thought that following this idea might be fun: every day a different colour "rules", i.e. participants are supposed to show art, crafts, drawings, paintings or photographs of any kind in the colour of that particular day. this is fairly easy - though choosing one picture (no drawings or paintings from me:)) might not be so easy! there was nothing in the rules against putting up more than one - so this is the series of colours I am supposed to follow:

tomorrow - May Day - will be white. not a colour, but finding motives is not a problem. what to choose though...that's a different story! I took the liberty of taking pix today, because I will be using my garden for this a lot - and tomorrow is supposed to be rainy. the one thing that "bothers" me a bit: it's going to go rather dark and a bit dreary towards the end of the month - according to our colour listing! well, maybe the weather will still oblige then, wouldn't surprise me at all!


Guzzisue said...

interesting idea, if it was me I would probably give up after a few days :-)

Woolly Bits said...

yeah, well, let's wait and see:)) I might quit with silver and gold - and I am probably too lazy to drag out all my dyed yarns and fibres to show something for the last day:))