Wednesday, 3 December 2008

frosty days

for a few days now we've had mostly clear but frosty nights - and in the morning the sun rises in spectacular colours. depending on how far it has risen above the horizon it is grey and misty - or full of purples, oranges and lavender colours. this morning the "valley" (a bog area with a small "creek" running through it) was shrouded in mist, which makes it look like a vast white lake! every step crunches on the ground and leaves visible imprints in the grass! it was very quiet, even at half past eight, barely a sound to be heard. but this clear spot seems to be over now - at the moment we have strong winds and heavy rain at times. the bright side is that there'll be no icy roads and the schoolbus will be going again - as you can see in the photo - every cloud has a silver lining!:)
a nice development has been that Stefan has finally started to show an interest in at least one textile hobby. he never wanted to learn how to knit, crochet or spin - but the pegloom seems more interesting - at least he finished a small piece yesterday evening - and was very keen to start another one when he came home from school today! I know that it's early days - but if he keeps having fun with it - at least I managed to convince him that some textile things can be interesting:) of course now he wants a proper warp yarn and nice weft too - this project (made from kilcarra tweed) will be a cushion for the chair in his room. we'll see how long it takes - at the moment he does not want to stop working on it at all....

oh yes - and I have been tagged by Helen! I don't know enough blogs to tag others, but at least I want to write the 7 things about me that people might not know:

I cannot sit still with empty hands - it drives me nuts, which is one of the reasons that I barely (only by accident) go anywhere without knitting, a spindle etc.

I don't think there have been many days in my life since maybe teenager age that I have been without at least a little bit of knitting. lately spinning has taken over, but it has to be one of those two for at least a few minutes every day!

the one "addiction" that's even worse than the textiles is reading. I have been reading since the age of 5 and at times I have read 3-4 books a week. with all my other interests that has slowed down a bit - but not much:)

I often think I chose the wrong job - I should have become either a cook or a patissier!

when I was younger I wanted to be a doctor - a surgeon to be precise! I was too lazy to do so - but I still make up for that by watching CSI etc. on tv!

my favourite "sweet" isn't chocolate - but liquorice, the stronger the taste the better. not for me is the sugary sweet stuff, the biting sharp stuff (called salty) it has to be! unfortunately I haven't found a source over here in ireland - yet!

I tend to be too generous - usually in time, as I don't have enough money to be generous with. when I have finished a project and someone comes along and admires it - I have the bad habit of offering it to them. a bad habit because I very rarely keep anything handmade for myself and end up like the shoemaker with the ugly shoes: you won't find many handmade things in my kitchen, bathroom or living room. I do sometimes make an item of clothing for myself - and keep it, but even those are rare occasions.


KayB said...

Oh, I share the liquorice habit with you - and the suffering of not getting the 'proper' ones here.

Julie said...

I really wish I could use a spindle, they just don't like me.

Leena said...

Frosty morning look lovely, we have it now, too:)
Besides gardening we seem to share one more thing: I like to read a lot too. Mostly I read detective stories and like that, and romance, something that doesn't need very much thinking:)

Happy Christmas waiting to you!

Wollkistchen said...

Überraschend, wie ähnlich wir uns zu sein scheinen. Abgesehen mal davon, dass ich weder Köchin noch Ärztin werden wollte, kann ich jeden anderen Stichpunkt blind unterschreiben.
Hab einen schönen Nikolaustag und einen schönen zweiten Advent.
Liebe Grüße aus einem grauen Deutschland

Helen said...

I love reading too Bettina, and I have problems sitting doing nothing I alway like to be making too so we have a lot in common:) but I am not as generous as you.