Saturday, 12 April 2008

core yarn spinning

I just had to try it - the spinning of core yarn as described in the article in the new spinoff. the photos were irresistable, so I sat down today, armed with a spindle, a wheel, some cotton and some pre-drafted yarn made from wool with some silk. at first it seemed a bit weird to use a spinning wheel and a spindle at the same time - I thought I'd have to work like a juggler to keep everything going:)) but after some fiddling I realised that the spindle really only holds the core yarn, so that the additional twist can run out if need be. the main spinning is still done by the wheel! and it worked quite well after only a few minutes of trying! it looks far more difficult than it actually is.... I worked for a while until the test core yarn on the spindle was finished and decided to try to add some beads. the article describes that it's best to add beads on a fine yarn and fix them by another strand plied in the other direction (like cabled garn, vice versa to whatever direction you spun first). eventually I realised that I should probably have added a bit more twist to the fine silk yarns with the beads, but the base yarn looks very nice and I think I'll use it for a scribble lace scarf like the one in the mag! I just have to finish the second set of core yarn (still on the wheel - eventually I had to do something else - unfortunately:) and spin a fine yarn for the "in between" parts. it's probably not suitable for "normal" knitting such as sweaters etc. but very effective for small projects, even jewellery. it's surprisingly soft - feels a bit like chenille in my yarn quality! of course it would be even nicer if the wrap yarn had some colour - the article provides great ideas and it's no problem to dye the wrap material in whatever colour is desired.... another addiction for the next few months?:))


Leigh said...

Very interesting. I don't use a spindle and no longer get SpinOff, but this sounds like a lot of fun with good results.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Bettina,
oh, den Artikel habe ich übersetzt und mir versucht vorzustellen, was sie gemeint hat. Probiert hab ich es noch nicht. Mir kam es recht kompliziert vor. So weiches Garn könnte man doch für Schals gebrauchen und vielleicht auch noch diese fingerlosen Handschuhe oder? Hast du noch ein schärferes Foto? Man sieht es nicht so gut. Gruß Juliana

Woolly Bits said...

yep, it's great fun! I was quite disappointed with the winter spinoff, but the spring issue was much better again - and showed quite a lot of new ideas! I have to admit that I usually spin on my wheel - it's just so much faster. and the spindle for this method - I think it's convenient for holding the core yarn, but could be replaced by another gadget, as long as it hangs freely and can let out the twist the wheel adds.... no excuse not to try it:))