Sunday, 2 March 2008

spring in the woods

I finally started the second border on my lace shawl "spring in the woods - a shawl by Lotte". in case you're wondering, this shawl has been designed by Lotte Wackerhagen and is on offer as a pattern for sale from Dorothea Fischer (with nice pictures of finished shawl) in germany (the pattern is translated of course!). I was asked if I fancied testing the pattern - I wanted to knit a lace project anyway, so I got started.
I tried my cone of found cashmere yarn, doubled up at first, but it was still a bit fine, so I tripled it and I am quite happy with the results. the large middle part was easy knitting, I showed the "anemone" lace pattern before. the knitting worked well in front of the tv. the first leaf border is knitted in rounds, not rows, so I started to pick up plenty of stitches:)) 860 in all, if I remember it correctly - and of course you keep adding to manage the increase for the borders! the knitting isn't difficult, just don't tell anybody that you're "just finishing the row":))
the second leaf border is knitted in rows again, but is knitted to the first leaf border immediately, so no major sewing involved, just a quick putting together of the narrow border in kitchener stitch at the end (I am still quite far away from that point though:)). the only problem will be the blocking part - I guess I just have to vacate the bed for a day or two to put it up there. the downside of timber or tile floors....


Leigh said...

This is absolutely lovely! Makes me wish that I was more confident knitting lace and that I like to wear shawls.

Woolly Bits said...

Leigh, I have the same problem - about wearing them! I have been planning to knit them for ages; I used to knit large "doilies" when I was a teenager, just out of lack of nice wool for sweaters (I inherited a large bag of cotton for lace knitting....), but I gave all of them away. I just like knitting lace and I figure that I can always use it as a sort of lap rug (albeit a very special one in pure cashmere:)) if I don't wear it enough. and of course you could follow Jared's example and use a pattern like this for chunkier wool - as an afghan! or you could use one for a special baby gift? I did change my original plan for the hummingbird lace though - I am going to knit a rectangle now, not a triangle, might be easier to wear for me! hint, hint: shetland yarns work well for lace, too:))