Tuesday, 11 March 2008

lace addict writing

I am spreading myself thin (lucky that there is enough to spread:)) - two large projects in knitting, but I just cannot resist the lure of the peacock! to get the leaf shawl finished too I decided to knit away on it in the morning (no chance of doing work in the garden, the weather is still bad, stormy and wet most of the time) and only change over to the peacock in the evening - when watching tv. at first I thought it might not work, but even though the pattern changes in every row, it is fairly regular and mistakes kind of stand out soon! I finished the first "eye" yesterday - and started the second one - like a true addict I just cannot stop and knit into the early hours of the morning! who said watching tv is bad for you? if you hunt out the right channels, it can be downright educational! I learned about the huns, troy and rome and also about volcanoes and glaciers so far:)) by the time I finish the peacock I should have made progress on the educational side also! the leaf border of the spring in the woods shawl is nearly finished on the 2nd side, too - just about 48 more leaves to go:) should I snuggle up under one cashmere shawl then - just to finish the second one?
I did spin a little bit today - just to finish an audio book I started a while ago. the silk bobbin was full, so I plied it, reasonable softly as it is supposed to be knitted up. and I started to spin some fine silk too, plied much stronger, to try out and use it for bobbin lace soon. or maybe dyed for some embroidery - yet to be decided.


Leigh said...

Bettina, it's beautiful. But I have to confess that what really impresses me is that you can watch TV and concentrate on lace knitting at the same time!

Woolly Bits said...

Leigh, you know what they say about knitting? it's just knit and purl and yarnovers - the rest in combinations of above:)) some lace patterns are fiddly, but not this one, it's quite regular with the "stripes" and you can easily see what has to be knitted.I wouldn't do the princess shawl or similar in front of the tv though! at least the ws rows aren't patterned. and I couldn't do in weaving what you do - not even close!