Monday, 25 February 2008

"Make my day" award

I received an award - a little while ago, but I had no time left to do an entry for the blog. thank you to Janet for putting me on her list of favourite blogs - it's a nice feeling to have people read my scribblings and even liking them:)) of course, now it's my turn to nominate my choice! not easy, esp. as I am not a great surfer and blog reader; I tend to stumble across some of them rather by accident. but there are a few I do like and I am going to add what interests me most on each of them. so here it goes - the listing is not a rating!
Leigh's blog is interesting because of her detailed descriptions about her spinning projects - I am sure, also for her weaving jobs, but I am too much of a beginner to even begin to understand her work:))
Kaz' blog shows fascinating pictures about her weavings - pure joy to the eyes!
Alison shows interesting steps in designing your own textiles - usually for weaving, but the theory behind it can be used for other techniques as well.
I like Cheryl's mix of thoughts, knitting, baking (eating:)) etc...
a male knitter, Jared, - with some nice projects and he even spins!
Helen is a natural dyer, who uses her results to make beautiful felt pictures. always interesting to read with new info and trials in dyeing!
I don't understand anything, but I do like most of the stuff she knits and she does give the correct pattern names, easy to google, so always worthwhile.
Jae has made me slobber for the peacock shawl for months - and now that I own the pattern I keep coming to her blog to look for more - for knitters, esp. lace fans!
what can I say, the title says it all?:))
another knitter's blog
I am sure there are many more, also some (e.g. Janet's own) about books I occasionally read, but those are the ones I check regularly:)) back to more knitting now - I nearly finished the first leaf border around the "spring in the woods" shawl - and then I had to tink - mistake, mistake:(( I should have noticed, I wonder where my thoughts where when I just knitted over the missing row:(( well, on the bright side - my dickey-mania is finished, I did the second one in hummingbird and that's that for a while. a bit boring after three in a row:)) and now - I am looking forward to the next lace project, we'll see if the colours turned out as I want them. I managed the blue, the red, the gold and the apricot just fine - but the green was quite another matter:(( the first try was olive, the second one plain yuck, the third one too blue.... well, maybe it's going to be a design feature if the colour in the shawl doesn't match the one in the photo:))


Leigh said...

Bettina, thank you! I am honored. You rightly deserve this award. I love your list of links too. Some I already frequent, but I'm always happy to find new recommendations.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bettina, I'm tickled pink to be included. Thanks for the other great links.

Woolly Bits said...

argh, Leigh - sorry about the typo in your link! the dreaded US-UK english has caught up with me again.... I think they should install a program that can find and rectify mistakes like that in links:))
and Kaz - thank you for the phantastic pix on your blog - will I ever be able to weave like that? probably not, I just dabble in too many pots already....