Saturday, 9 February 2008

another surprise in the mail....

.. and not even work involved for me at all!

I am a fan of polar bears - and of course the hype about "Knut" in germany didn't go unnoticed over here either! when my friend's husband in berlin took a snapshot of Knut, dirty like a piggy, playing with a blanket, I thought this might be a rather untypical, but still wintery motif for a greeting to the OLG shortly before christmas. somehow another member in canada picked up on this and yesterday I received "Master Churchill" - a true canadian polar bear:)) he looks very cute and - in contrast to Knut - he doesn't need water and I don't have to provide seals or fish for him either! so thanks to Heather for that lovely surprise - I think I am going to start a collection after all now!

I also promised a picture of the finished guinea-pigs, still a bit wrinkly and not "framed" (I am going to use fabric to make it into a small hanging, as the measurements just don't fit available frames). so here it is, unnamed - and with a sigh of relief as I didn't really enjoy working the whole thing. no more cavvies for me in a long time!

but look on the bright side - the first daffodils are out! nice nodding yellow heads, friendly and promising. in contrast to the flowers of the gorze, which has started to flower already in november and the pale yellow of some leftover primroses (they kept flowering all through "winter"!) they are real heralds of spring - very fitting as we are having a mild spell with a bit of sunshine here and there!
oh yes, I nearly forgot! I did finish the beret from the Knits issue winter 06.... after frogging half
of it because the larger size fell down even over my own ears, I figured it'll be much to large for my friend. never mind, it knits up really quickly with needle size 4mm - DH looks like some of the german troups going to afghanistan now! just black gauloises are missing - and ready would be monsieur Hulottes:)) he's only the model for the beret just now - we'll see how my friend likes it....


Leigh said...

Definitely start a collection! Very cute. Heather is great with those surprise gifts, isn't she?!

The beret looks great. Couldn't it be fulled a bit? Or would that make it too stiff? Quite a few ladies around here wear berets to church, but they are made of felt. I've knitted one myself, but have never worn it.

Woolly Bits said...

I was totally delighted with that surprise, as I am not great at needlefelting at all! but I already received the little hanging with boxes made from handmade paper for the exchange 06, very nice too!
the beret - I think I might be making another one, in dark blue for DH. the red is quite a strong colour for a guy:)) I'll leave the red as it is, because my friend wanted to do it following the instructions, but I might try out your tip with the felting for the second one. the knitting is a bit loose and it might look and wear better slightly fulled! though I think that a beret isn't ideal for very cold climates as the ears are more or less free.....

Anonymous said...

Hallo Bettina,
das Bildchen sieht gut aus. Selber entworfen und gesponnen? Gruß Juliana