Wednesday, 1 August 2007

vanishing picture

I had to put this picture up separately - every time I started to move it - it vanished:(( anyway those are the many small amounts of wool top I described earlier - great choice, I'll se koi carps on my crochet bag in orange and yellows!


Leigh said...

What yummy colors! Sounds like Christmas at your place.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Bettina,
sieht ganz nach Wollknoll aus. Was machst du aus diesen vielen kleinen Farbknäueln? Ich bin immer noch am Überlegen. Bei mir liegen sie noch und ich traue mich nicht so richtig .... habe damit ein bisschen gefilzt bzw. geübt, da ich das Filzen noch nicht beherrsche.
Gruß Juliana

Anonymous said...

Super colours Bettina!

Visitor said...

I was actually surprised when I opened the bag! I have the sample lists from wollknoll here, but the tiny amounts of the samples somehow don't show the stunning colours some of the fibres have! I'll definitely order larger amounts of some of them for projects. the only problem is - to restrict myself to only a few:) fibre and yarn greed - my biggest "vice"!

Janet said...

Exciting times with the arrival of your parcels. Wonderful. Have fun!