Friday, 3 August 2007

sampling away

I couldn't help myself (always a good excuse, I find:) - and started to sample some of the tops. the first one was the very colourful space for Stefan - I wanted to try it out to choose between a thicker singles (on the right) - or a 2ply from finer yarns. of course I had to knit it straight from the bobbin (well, more or less, I wound it into a ball first, but didn't set the twist). after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing from Stefan - he decided for the singles (here without the green bit) - my choice too, not only for the clearer colours, but of course it is far less work to spin without having to ply it too. the yarn feels softer too when knitted - and didn't slant, despite not having been set.

I started on the alpaka tops too - argh, the black is so gorgeous that I don't want to stop spinning it. it really is pitchblack, even darker than the black welsh I got a few days ago! I think there is no natural black in sheep's wool as deep as the one from alpaca. now the question is: do I use the grey with bits of black and white, do I use the black as main colour and accents of the other two? or do I dye a bit of white - as a highlight in the black, grey and white? red, dyed with brazilwoold maybe? or some purple dyed with cochenille?? I better decide soon, a lot of work - and only 4 1/2 months do go to christmas:) this will definitely be a 2ply, my only decision so far in this.


Anonymous said...

Ich würde das rechte auch nehmen. Gruß Juliana

Woolly Bits said...

das zwirnen vermischt die farben immer so, finde ich! und navajo zwirnen waere mir dann zu dick als endprodukt - ich strick nicht gern mit nadelstaerke 6 oder mehr - und so kalt werden hier die winter ja auch garnicht!

Leigh said...

Bettina, the swatches are gorgeous! I'd have to choose both. ;)