Saturday, 7 April 2007

Knitter's dread

I have knitted forever or so it seems - well, at least for several decades. never had a problem with pains in my wrists or something like that. and now, right in the middle of several projects, some of which would be close to finishing.... my elbow gives out:( rats, I wanted to finish the pima cotton sweater and start something new, but now it feels like someone pushing a knife into my right elbow as soon as I lift up the needles! so no knitting for this unhappy bunny:(( I tried spinning, which is slightly better, but not entirely without pain either.
well, no time for anything like that today anyway. you can't rely on easter rabbits over here, so my customary saffron "plait" for breakfast had to be done - and also the base for the easter cake... and of course (even though nobody around here does this) the eggs had to be coloured. I cut some twigs in flower in the garden, ribes, hazel, forsythia etc. - and have to decorate them with the painted eggs still in their boxes... of course it is close to midnight and Stefan insists that everything has to be up then, after all easter starts at 00.01 for him! kids, eh.... I hope it stays dry tomorrow morning, because even though he is 9 now - he still wants me to hide eggs outside for him! so I better get going, the sponge should be ready now too! happy easter!

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Janet said...

Oh dear Bettina - so sorry to hear about the pain in your elbow. Wonder if it's a repetitive strain sort of thing. Knitters, weavers, musicians, fish gutters, computer keyboard users, the list goes on.....repetitive strain ailments in some part of the body lurk out there for all sorts of activities. Hope the problem eases. I have a wonderful little book called Yoga for Knitters - I could send you some of the sketches if you think that might help.