Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Bad Girl!

I couldn't help myself - as they say here, when somebody does something rather foolish! I know, I shouldn't have started knitting again yet - but there it was. my navy blue pima cotton sweater, with feather-and-fan pattern on the bottom part and plain stockinette for the rest. I started with the sleeves, because I didn't want to wait and knit a sample, then did the back - and now the front is done too! it's going to have a v-neck and the second part of it was nearly done, so what the heck, I finished it yesterday evening and knit the shoulders together too. only blocking and assembling is left - apart from a stripe with feather-and-fan for the neck opening. and looking on the bright side - my arm doesn't hurt more today than it did yesterday! the yarn was very nice to knit with, very soft for cotton - unfortunately it was a special lot from the uk, not repeatable:( but there is still loads left on the 2 1kg-cones - and I also have one of the same, in lime green here. so maybe I'll do another one, this time with the two colours - in that pattern I found in one of the older "knits" - lots of work to do, but rather nice! but first - the top in white, handspun ramie....
and then there is the dyepot downstairs - a nice bright yellow - just like the weather today. done with fresh gorze flowers of course. for that time when the sunshine is gone and I need a pick-me-up...

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Leigh said...

Wow, you're a fast knitter! I can't wait to see photos.

Thanks for the ideas for my rare breed sweater, and the button link. It never occured to me to double the front band. I'm pretty slow though, but it will get done!