Sunday, 12 June 2011


I have received an award from Sandra, the "versatile blogger award". thank you - if versatile means "dabbling in everything" it might be in the right spot here:)
I already thanked the award giver (is that a word?) and linked to her blog. the rules say that I am supposed to hand this award over to another 15 people, but I don't know all that many bloggers and most people, who might even be a bit flattered by receiving the reward - are usually not terribly keen on sending it on. so - even if the world comes tumbling down on me as punishment - I'll let it end here:))

I am also supposed to write 7 facts about me, that people don't know about - puh, here it goes:

1. I am a gardener - but most of the time I wish someone else would come and do all the hard bits and jobs - so that I'd just be left with snipping off a few wilted blooms here and there and maybe plant a few nice new plants, whenever I feel like it!

2. I like cooking - and baking even more - but I am actually not really all that keen on eating - chocolates! I know, I am weird, but I prefer liquorice, esp. the "adult" stuff that brings tears to most people's eyes! (I have a feeling that I've told you that before somewhere?:))

3. I always tell people that I am not a "jewelry person" - and it's true, I hardly ever wear any. if I do go somewhere I might just remember to put earrings in (and sometimes I even put on my wedding ring, ahem:)) - but other than that - niente. the really weird thing is that I like making jewelry! I make stitch markers, earrings, even necklaces - but it all ends up as giveaways (ok, I kept a few stitchmarkers, but do they count as jewelry?)

4. like my niece I don't like the telephone. I prefer emails, where I can. I can choose when to answer them, they don't interfer with things I want to do (or have to). I don't have to justify why I am not up yet, still up in the early hours etc... for years people couldn't believe that we didn't own mobile phones! we do have one now - but it's never switched on, it's here purely for emergencies! I could happily live without a phone - if the taxi driver agreed to come out on email pre-order:)

5. I love natural dyeing - I have a pot going nearly all the time. but I am still reluctant to do indigo dyeing. I have the stuff here, I even have the chemicals, but for some reason I have only done it twice (apart from those fake times, where I used ready-prepared "saxon" blue) up until now! I am looking forward to all the results of those intrepid dyers, who went to ISEND to find out more about the "fructose dyeing" - so guys, keep going and I'll follow in your footsteps:))

6. I love reading - ok, that's not news for people who know me! I read somewhere that a person devours books - yep, that'll be me, alright. if I can't read at least a bit for any length of time I miss it... what I don't miss are those people who think they can judge people by the books they read! I read a lot and very often I read books that I've seen reviewed somewhere else. I don't like all of them, but I do read quite different styles all the time. sometimes I read books just to see how the main character in the book keeps going, even though I don't find the rest of the book extremely thrilling. no need to wrinkle your nose, just because you don't like the style or even that particular book. some people like reading mills & boone - so what, does that make them bad people? I'd rather have people read books that I personally don't like - than not have them read at all!!

7. I am no good at speaking in public. it's kind of ok, when I only have to talk in front of a few people, esp. if I know them. but doing a talk in front of strangers, big no-no, I wouldn't sleep a wink even days before the date! I still remember those days in school, where we had to prepare a paper/talk to present in front of the class:(( I hated it, even though I do like to prepare the paper itself! any written work, no problem, I'll do it - but doing the actual presentation... let's just say I am glad that those days are over:))

so, now you know a few more things about me - nothing earth shattering I suppose, just those odds and ends every person has in his or her life....

oh, and did I tell you that it's still raining:(( I actually did manage two hours of pricking out and re-potting plants yesterday evening, but there are still bucketloads of plants and I can only hope that the forecast is true for tomorrow and the day after to finish the rest of the job! of course I am still knitting (grey DS sweater) and spinning (black merino), but nothing exciting to show for it just yet....


Delighted Hands said...

Congrats on the award! (I am notorious for not sending them on either-and the same way I feel about chain emails....!)
Very interesting tidbits about you tho!

Savor the rain, I am hoping we don't get missed this afternoon as a dark cloud (not smoke) passes over us!

Helen said...

Congrats and I enjoyed reading the bit about yourself too. We share some things in common. I hardly wear jewellery just earrings. I am a voracious reader too. :)
Loved all the picture of your spinning too.
Will be demonstrating the fructose indigo vat at Woolfest if you can get there. :)

Nina said...

I'm not a jewellery person either, although there are pieces I'd love to own, I just never find a time or a place to wear it.

The rain should be good for your garden. Right now I'm trying to figure out a way to keep the birds and bunnies from eating my pumpkin, squash and cucumber seedlings. They nibble all the tender new growth each night!

Ash said...

Like you, an 'award' would feel good but I'm not one for passing on these chain letters either! Gardening - tick, baking - tick, reading - biiig tick, public speaking - big no-no too but I keep being asked to do 'workshop'days. Not quite sure what to do there!! We keep getting rain here in England too but I hear Tasmania has some snow!!!

Leigh said...

Congratulations! Well deserved. I had to grin because I could have practically written your 7 things. Can very much relate, especially to #1, 3, 4, 6, & 7. #5 too, but I don't have a dye pot going very often these days. That said, I'll eat the chocolates for you and you can have the licorice. :)

Woolly Bits said...

thanks for your good wishes - I have a feeling that there are lots of gardeners/readers like me about:))
Cindy - I wouldn't mind the occasional rain, but we haven't had any summer to speak of yet - and you can see it in the garden. there is lots of green, but not many flowers....on the other hand I wouldn't need your 30 deg. C or more:)
Helen - sorry, I don't think I'll be able to make the trip - but I love reading more about your vat tests!
Nina - we are very lucky, that we don't seem to have many rabbits (haha, they are all in the neighbour's garden, who doesn't believe in "dog repellent":))- and no birds to do serious damage - apart from all the berries that is!
Ash - yes I saw on the forecast that you had rain enough yourself! on the other hand there is winter in tasmania, isn't it?:))
Leigh - we'd get on fine if you don't like the liquorice:)) the only sweet stuff I can leave here, because neither DS nor DH eat it!