Tuesday, 4 August 2009


a few days ago we had a visitor again - she was here once before, stuffed herself on fish - and left a day later.... I think she's only in it for the food, but DS, who'd love to have a kitten (a no-no with three dogs, who aren't fond of them), was excited about it.
first scene: come on, let me in - it's raining!
sorry, no photo of the second scene - when she devoured half a tin of cat food DS bought when she first visited....
but then: bliss at last, a nice dry spot in the glasshouse - and the dogs are safely locked away:)) living the good life?
she spent the night - and in the morning she took off again - no wonder, the sun came out for a few hours!
what surprises me is the eucalyptus in this wet weather! it doesn't only grow on - it even flowers in the constant rain! the whole tree is covered in white fluffy flowers - it looks really pretty!
on a textile note - I finally started the promised gryffindor socks for DS in shadow or illusion knitting. and I spun some more of my natural browns and beiges, dark brown BFL and some in "humbug" - the lightest colour is going to be the main colour for a vest, supersoft merino with 20 % possum mixed in (from jamiepossum). still a lot of the main colour to do though....


Delighted Hands said...

I am a sucker for strays, too!

The yarn is beautiful-nice spinning!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Bettina,
die Garne sehen schön aus und weich. Mit welcher Nadelstärke wirst du stricken - 2,5er?
Hast du mit deinem Eucalyptus schon gefärbt? Der sieht gut aus. Meine gingen als ein.
Viele Grüße

Woolly Bits said...

Juliana - nein, ich denke, die garne sind sehr weich und wuerden dann zu hart mit der feineren nadel. ich werde wohl auf 3.5 stricken oder so. und mit dem eucalyptus faerbe ich immer mal wieder - der baum ist ja schon riesig und ich kann immer mal wieder "ernten":))

Leigh said...

Such a cute kitty. Surely she knows about your dogs!

The yarn looks scrumptious!

Janet said...

That's a nice looking cat - hope she returns.